EB the MC performing in Toronto, symbolizing his hit 'Open Letter'

EB the MC’s ‘Open Letter’ is a hit in Toronto

Toronto's own EB the MC has dropped a fresh track that's quickly becoming the talk of the hip-hop community. Released on October 12, 2023, “Open Letter” highlights EB's strong lyrics and music, really shining in Toronto's active music world. This latest release blends EB's smooth, buttery flow with original melodies that resonate with authenticity and creative flair.

“Open Letter” is not just another addition to EB the MC's discography; it's a statement piece from an artist whose roots in the genre run deep. With a background that includes a family steeped in musical talent, EB's latest work reflects his journey and growth as an artist. His previous project, “Free Game Vol. 1,” showcased his versatility and set the stage for the unique sound he brings to the industry.

EB the MC's music is hitting the mark not just in Toronto but also in places like Ajax and Frankfurt am Main. His growing Spotify audience, with 58 followers and 126 monthly listeners, shows his global appeal. The release of “Open Letter” is set to boost his popularity even more.

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