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FAERYS Unveils Debut Single ‘Nova Scotia’ – A Genre-Defying Musical Adventure

Excitement is building in the music world as enigmatic rock outfit FAERYS prepares to launch their debut single ‘Nova Scotia’ on August 25, 2023. With a mission to break musical boundaries, FAERYS promises a thrilling blend of big riffs, catchy pop vocals, and gritty electronic sounds that will captivate audiences from the first beat.

The band members, shrouded in mystery, have chosen to remain anonymous for now, adding an air of intrigue to their unique project. Hailing from different corners of the globe, these musicians serendipitously found each other, united by their shared passion for pushing the envelope and creating an unmatched sonic experience.

Drawing inspiration from renowned acts like Royal Blood, Thin Lizzy, Foo Fighters, Wolfgang Gartner, and Sub Focus, FAERYS aims to redefine conventional genre norms. While they may be newcomers under this moniker, the band members boast noteworthy acts and bands under their belts, making them no strangers to the stage.

‘Nova Scotia’ is the result of collaborative efforts across continents, recorded in Austin, Berlin, and Brixton. The production team has skillfully captured the essence of FAERYS’ vision, bringing out the best in the band’s fusion of sounds.

Critics who got an exclusive sneak peek into the track have been raving about the energy and powerful vocals that reverberate through the song. Fans can expect an old-school edge to this contemporary sound, crafted with finesse and a keen ear for melody.

Intriguingly, FAERYS’ enigmatic persona is reflected in their choice of slogan, ‘FAERYS do not exist,’ which has become a common thread across all their channels.

As we eagerly await the release of ‘Nova Scotia,’ the anticipation is palpable. FAERYS’ genre-defying debut promises to be a tour de force, captivating music enthusiasts and setting the stage for a wave of sonic exploration.

So mark your calendars for August 25th, and prepare to embark on a musical adventure like no other, courtesy of FAERYS and their explosive debut single, ‘Nova Scotia.’

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