Te encontrar: A Musical Fusion of Brazil and Europe by Formwandla

Electronic artist Formwandla's latest release, “Te encontrar,” is poised to leave an impact in Brazil and Europe. This remarkable slammer, blending European dance with the heartfelt emotions of Brazil, was dropped on November 10, 2023.

Formwandla collaborated with Brazilian singer Isabela Silvino from Rio de Janeiro, who brought her unique touch to the composition.

The song emanates a sense of longing and melancholy, beautifully conveyed through Isabela's evocative lyrics and melody. Formwandla gave her creative freedom, resulting in an exciting interplay of emotions set to a rhythmic dance-pop backdrop.

While “Te encontrar” primarily targets Brazilian audiences, Formwandla is confident that the song's universal message will also strike a chord with listeners in Europe. This track is designed to swiftly capture hearts by eliciting emotions in a brief span.

You can listen to “Te encontrar” on Apple Music and experience the fusion of two distant worlds. Don't overlook this musical experience that goes beyond borders.

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