Fast-Rising DJ and Producer GEMANDI Drops “I Gotta Know (Radio Edit)” – A Future House Masterclass!

Music transcends barriers, and GEMANDI, the prodigious DJ and producer, proves it with his latest release, “I Gotta Know (Radio Edit).” This high-energy track showcases his expertise in music production, leaving listeners in awe and craving for more.

GEMANDI takes pride in challenging traditional norms and embracing diversity in his music. With an impressive production catalog spanning EDM, tropical , future house, , dubstep, and tech house, he establishes himself as a dynamic force in the electronic music scene. “I Gotta Know (Radio Edit)” is a shining example of his innovative approach, transporting listeners to an extraordinary dimension from the very start.

From the entrancing buildup to the male vocals, “I Gotta Know (Radio Edit)” delivers an irresistible blend of electronic percussion and refreshing melodies. The track's deep, driving beat, featuring swirling synths, powerful drums, ethereal pads, and a pulsating sawtooth bass, adds a vibrant edge to the mix. The expressive vocals deliver infectious phrases that linger in listeners' minds long after the song concludes.

Due to the overwhelming praise and massive stream numbers, GEMANDI dropped the “I Gotta Know (Extended Mix)” four days ago. Anticipation runs high as fans eagerly await this next level of the sensational track, set to hit all popular digital platforms.

For those eager to groove to the rhythm of “I Gotta Know (Radio Edit),” follow GEMANDI on social media for real-time updates and catch the “Extended Mix”. Add this banger to your playlist and experience the thrill of future house like never before!

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