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Half Deezy’s “Hustle” – New Hip-Hop Hit

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Half Deezy’s new track “Hustle” with Krayzie Bone mixes intense hip hop with real-life grit. Out since July 21, 2023, its deep beats and catchy tunes show off his natural music talent.

Half Deezy’s journey is as compelling as his music. A decade of military service behind him, he pivoted to a full-time music career, pouring every ounce of his being into writing, producing, and promoting his art. His dedication echoes in his music, particularly in “Hustle,” where his collaboration with Krayzie Bone adds a layer of lyrical prowess that’s hard to overlook.

With a voice that’s unmistakable and a style that’s all his own, Half Deezy has carved out a niche in the Las Vegas music scene. His collaborations with industry heavyweights have only solidified his standing as an artist to watch. As “Hustle” makes waves, Half Deezy’s Spotify presence, over a thousand followers and listeners from across the globe, speaks to the universal appeal of his sound.

Check out Half Deezy’s “Hustle” and join others who love its real, hard-working vibe. Buy it, follow him for new music, and be part of more than just songs – be part of the hustle.

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