Henry Aberson Captures Thousands of Ears With Jazz-Infused Track ‘Needy’ feat. Nariah Taylor & Korey Keys

Henry Aberson, a versatile talent in the realms of drumming, producing, and entrepreneurship, released a -infused track named “Needy” on September 29, 2023. The song has already caught the ears of thousands, creating an atmosphere that's as smooth as velvet.

Born and based in Tulsa, Aberson worked his magic in creating a track that radiates a jazzy aura. The instrumentals alone are remarkable. Picture a roaring guitar harmonizing with a soulful female voice; it's a harmonious blend that can't be ignored. Furthermore, this newly launched track has taken Spotify by storm, amassing 38,243 monthly listeners and a following of 2,043. Particularly notable are the listener hotspots, ranging from Amsterdam and Sydney to Stockholm and Jakarta.

The lyrics of “Needy” resonate on a personal level. Lines like “I don't do drugs but I swear I'm high, When I feel your body next mine” offer a sense of intimacy and connection. It's a testament to Aberson's skill in connecting with his audience, not just through melody but also through words.

After such a compelling release, announced their intention to write a feature article on the track, giving it the spotlight it deserves.

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