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Holly S’toon’s Upcoming Release “Where I Should Go” Offers a Relaxing Melodic Journey

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Holly S’toon’s upcoming electronic release “Where I Should Go” takes listeners on a soothing and melodic journey. Set to be released on April 14, 2023, this song blends distinctive vocals with well-produced instrumentals to create a balanced and cohesive listening experience.

From the moment the song starts, it exudes a calming feeling that invites the listener to drift away. The melody is carefully crafted and the production is of high quality, making for a polished and professional sound. The vocals are used in harmony with the instrumentals, adding to the overall melodious feeling of the track.

One of the strengths of “Where I Should Go” is its ability to maintain a relaxing atmosphere while still offering enough variation to keep the listener engaged. The song is well-paced, with different elements introduced gradually throughout its duration, resulting in a dynamic and interesting piece.

Holly S’toon – Where I Should Go


Overall, Holly S’toon’s “Where I Should Go” is a well-produced and thoughtful electronic track that is sure to appeal to fans of the genre. Its relaxing and melodious vibe, combined with its distinctive vocals, make it a standout release that is well worth checking out.

To stay updated on the release of “Where I Should Go” and other upcoming releases by Holly S’toon, be sure to keep an eye on his official website. And when the song is released on April 14, 2023, don’t forget to grab a copy and give it a listen.

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