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Issara Slams with Soul Hit “Woman”

In a world where music genres constantly evolve, it’s refreshing to see an artist like Issara, who infuses her unique style into the timeless genre of Soul. Her latest track, “Woman,” is a testament to this fact.

The song’s style harks back to the golden era of 70s disco soul pop, but with a modern twist. The melody is shapely and catchy, immediately hooking listeners in. Issara’s soulful vocals blend perfectly with the atmospheric instrumental accompaniments reminiscent of that era.

Lyrically original and targeted towards a female audience, “Woman” celebrates everything that embodies being a woman today while challenging societal norms no longer fitting for women in 2023. This anthem invites everyone to sing along, dance, and have those “feel good” moments.

Born in Bangkok and raised in Seattle by her Thai father and French mother, Issara’s multicultural background shines through her music which blends soul, pop and rock with hints of gospel, French yéyé and Thai funk.

She started singing at church when she was only three years old. Since then she has collaborated with several producers and artists such as Illoquint and Jonny Durango. She has also graced stages worldwide including Bumbershoot Festival or Rock in Evreux among others.

With its professional execution both structurally and vocally along with expert production quality, there’s no doubt about its high commercial potential. However,Issara might explore other genres appealing more to younger audiences, ensuring her reach expands even further.

Issara’sWoman” is a disco-pop anthem with soulful vocals and a powerful message. It’s the kind of song that not only makes you want to dance but also leaves you feeling empowered. This track is more than just a song – it’s an anthem for women everywhere.

Issara – “Woman”

Experience the empowering vibes of Issara’s latest disco-pop anthem, “Woman.” Don’t miss out! Grab your copy on iTunes and follow this talented artist on Instagram for more musical inspiration. Join the movement today!

For more information about Issara, visit www.issaramusic.com.

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