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JusHarry Breaks New Ground With His Latest Track, “New Place”

JusHarry, a rising talent in the Hip Hop scene, has released his latest single, “New Place.” The track is a compelling blend of soothing melodies and explosive beats that showcase the full spectrum of sound.

A Unique Blend of Melodies and Beats

“New Place” begins with a melodic introduction that gradually builds into an explosive and dark transformational beat switch halfway through the song. The melody is dark and deep, adding to the overall atmospheric vibe of the song. The instrumental accompaniments are compelling, featuring a popping champagne sound that adds a unique twist to the track.

Vocals and Lyrics That Resonate

JusHarry’s vocals on “New Place” are calm and feature a good rap flow. The lyrics themselves delve into JusHarry’s personal journey of relocating to a new city, skillfully weaving in past experiences that listeners will relate to.

“I’m in a new place and they wanna discuss it

New bitch wanna come through man fuck it

I hit bro for the rice its bussin

Tryna roll this dice and hit a dozen”

A Remarkable Growth

At just 21 years old, JusHarry has taken his artistic vision to new heights with “New Place.” The song vividly portrays his past struggles while showcasing his remarkable growth and maturity within his new environment.

JusHarry Pink Outfit Kicking in Music Video Scene
Capture the energy of JusHarry as he kicks towards the camera in a vibrant pink outfit, taken from a scene in his stunning music video.

A Powerful Statement In Rap

Building upon the momentum generated by his recent tracks, ‘UpnDown’ and ‘One Track’, JusHarry makes a powerful statement with “New Place.” He has joined forces with girl boss producer, K4CIE, further solidifying his place in the Rap genre.

“I was born a saint, but don’t call me Sainté

I’m taking champagne shots

I be blowing this smoke, but you don’t want smoke

But you know this bottle gon’ pop”

“New Place” shows JusHarry’s talent and his ability to create music that resonates with listeners. It’s a track that showcases his growth as an artist and his unique approach to Hip Hop.

JusHarry – New Place

Download “New Place” on iTunes and follow JusHarry for his latest slammers if you’re really a die-hard Hip Hop lover.

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