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Little Cabin Boy: The Unyielding Spirit of Justin Ryan Ruiz

In a remarkable tale of tenacity and self-taught talent, Justin Ryan Ruiz, known by many as the “Trashman Plays Piano,” released his classical piano album “Little Cabin Boy” on October 12, 2023. The album, which showcases a collection of original compositions, marks a significant milestone for the millennial composer who was once turned away from music school and instead found his rhythm amidst the refuse as a trashman, saving up to buy his first two pianos.

“Little Cabin Boy” is not just an album; it’s a narrative woven into the keys of a piano by someone who has truly lived the music. Each note is a step in Justin’s journey from the back alleys of refuse collection to the grand stages of Spotify and YouTube where his music has begun to captivate a global audience. With over 125 monthly listeners from Frankfurt to Lagos, and a growing social media presence, Justin’s melodies resonate with an authenticity that only a self-made musician’s can.

The song “Little Cabin Boy” highlights Justin’s deep commitment to his music. The piece is characterized by its lively tempo and uplifting melody, a reflection of the joy and brightness that music has brought to his life against all odds. It’s a composition that speaks to the soul, a reminder that beauty can emerge from the most unexpected places.

Listeners have described the album as moving and profound, with a perfect blend of engaging rhythms and nuanced dynamics that build up to a powerful crescendo. It’s a collection that is both groundbreaking and familiar, with a fresh twist on classical piano that has earned Justin Ryan Ruiz a spot on the classical music map.

Heathclif, the curator of The Lions Ground Entertainment Group told Justin Ryan: “So, your piece “Little Cabin Boy” struck a chord with me right from the opening notes. There’s a certain zest in the tempo that’s as invigorating as a brisk morning walk, and the way the melody lifts the spirits is like the first warm rays of sunshine after a long winter. The innovative harmony dances around the melody, sometimes leading, sometimes following, but always adding a layer of depth that’s as intriguing as a twist in a well-told tale.”

Justin’s success is an inspiring story of not giving up, even when faced with rejection. To experience the stirring melodies of “Little Cabin Boy,” follow Justin Ryan Ruiz on Spotify and join his journey on social media. For those eager to delve deeper into his story and music, visit his YouTube channel and download his compositions. Justin’s story tells us that if you keep trying and love what you do, the music doesn’t end.

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