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Feel the magic of Kaÿcie’s Sweet Side of the Storm (Remix)

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Paris, Nov 9, 2023 – French-American singer Kaÿcie, based in Paris, has just released her latest song, the “Sweet Side of the Storm (Remix).” This track, a delightful mix of Pop and Folk, was launched on Nov 3, 2023, and it grabs your attention right from the start.

Crafted during the lockdown period, while Kaÿcie was out and about on her bike, this remix is part of her first EP, also titled “Sweet Side of the Storm.” Recorded at Question de Son studios, these five songs beautifully capture the emotions and stories in her mind during that period.

What sets Kaÿcie apart is not only her soulful voice but also her meticulous approach to marketing. Her engaging social media presence allows fans to interact with her, creating a unique connection in the digital realm.

With 217 followers and a staggering 57,628 monthly listeners on Spotify, Kaÿcie’s music is gaining global popularity, striking a chord with listeners in cities worldwide.

Don’t miss it! Follow Kaÿcie on Facebook and download “Sweet Side of the Storm (Remix)” to feel the magic firsthand.

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