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Experience Summer Vibes with Kid Coffin’s New Single ’17’

In a striking move for the summer music scene, Kid Coffin, under the banner of IBEX Music Group, dropped his latest hip hop single “17” on July 17, 2023. This track, a vibrant addition to the genre of summer party jams, promises to be more than just a seasonal hit. It’s a glimpse into the artist’s upcoming 24-track album, “EMOTION // IKIGAI.”

Unlike his previous work, this single,”17″, sheds the shadows of introspection for a sunnier, more carefree vibe. It captures the spirit of being young, bringing back the carefree and thrilling days of being 17. The song weaves a narrative of living life at full throttle, with no brakes, a theme that resonates with listeners seeking a nostalgic escape.

The track’s release has already stirred a buzz among Kid Coffin’s growing fan base. On Spotify, he boasts 491 followers and a consistent stream of monthly listeners, with notable clusters in cities like Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, and Montreal. This geographical spread hints at the international appeal of his music, bridging cultural and linguistic divides with its universal themes.

Kid Coffin’s gratitude towards his fans and collaborators is palpable. In a personal note, he expresses immense appreciation for the support and coverage he’s received, particularly for his previous hit, “BLOODXDRUNK.” He views “17” as a key track in his upcoming album, revealing a new side of his music.

As we eagerly await Kid Coffin’s full album “EMOTION // IKIGAI” next summer, “17” sets the stage brilliantly. This single hints at a richer and varied collection of music to come. It’s a song that deeply resonates, reminding us of the joy and freedom of youth.

To feel the vibe of “17” and keep up with Kid Coffin’s latest music, follow him on social media and download the track here. Be part of an artist’s life that’s transforming summer hits, track by track.

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