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ManfroP’s ‘1999’ and More: Nominated as Music Producer of the Year!

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In the dynamic world of electronic music, French DJ and producer ManfroP is a standout artist. He’s known for his love of house music and its history. ManfroP creates a special sound that honors disco music while also bringing something new to house music. His latest song, “1999,” is a perfect example of this mix, giving listeners a rhythm that feels both classic and new.

ManfroP’s journey in music is as intriguing as his beats. A late bloomer in the industry, he found his calling at the age of 48, drawn by the allure of the French Touch movement. His inspiration comes from the funky, disco, and new wave sounds of the 1980s, which he skillfully incorporates into his tracks. ManfroP’s collaboration with Jessie Wagner, a notable vocalist he connected with through SoundBetter, has resulted in several successful tracks, including “Givin’Up” and “Number Two”​​.

ManfroP’s first house music memory, Joe Smooth’s ‘Promised Land’, echoes through his work. He admires disco for its groundbreaking role in dance music and its irresistible groove. His favorite elements, the guitars and violins from disco, are masterfully transposed into his house tracks​​​​. Influenced by artists like Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, and Daft Punk, ManfroP’s music is a tapestry of diverse sounds and eras​​.

In crafting his distinct sound, ManfroP relies solely on computer software, including Ableton Live, a variety of samples, and VST synths like Serum and Sylenth1​​. This modern approach to production allows him to blend the nostalgic tones of disco with the crisp, clean production of contemporary house music.

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For ManfroP, inspiration also comes from outside the realm of music. His daily routine includes an hour of fitness, bodybuilding, and running, a discipline that keeps his creative energies flowing​​. This holistic approach to life and art is reflected in his music’s vitality and dynamism.

At the heart of ManfroP’s musical experience is the interaction with his audience. He finds the greatest joy when fans dance to his tracks, a testament to the universal appeal of his music​​. Despite the challenges of balancing art and business in the music industry, ManfroP navigates this landscape with the understanding that both aspects are integral to his journey as an artist​​.

With “1999,” ManfroP brings to life the essence of his musical philosophy: “Life is music and music is life”​​. This track is not just a song but a celebration of the enduring spirit of disco, reimagined through the lens of modern house music. It’s a bridge between generations, inviting everyone to the dance floor, reminiscent of the joyous, liberated atmosphere of the legendary Studio 54. Download this banger on iTunes today!

In addition to his musical accomplishments, ManfroP has been recently recognized by The Lions Ground Entertainment Group for his exceptional talent and contribution to the music industry, being nominated as the Producer of the Year. This nomination recognizes ManfroP’s expertise, creativity, and significant impact in the electronic music world. It underscores his ability to skillfully blend classic disco elements with contemporary house music, while also highlighting his unwavering dedication to his craft. Importantly, throughout 2023, ManfroP maintained a 100% consistency in both quality and originality in his work. This achievement not only strengthens his connection with a diverse audience but also solidifies his standing as a key figure in the House and Synthwave music genres.

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