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Another Story: Piers’ Latest Deep House Production

Piers’ latest deep house track, “Another Story,” together with Monomotion, showcases his talent as a producer with a catchy and melodic melody that is sure to capture the listener’s attention. The instrumental accompaniments are well-balanced and imaginative, with a full and rich sound that creates a unique atmosphere. The track is an excellent example of Piers’ skills in production and his ability to create a deep house track that stands out from the rest.

While the track lacks vocal presence and lyrics, it manages to tell a story through its instrumental arrangement, evoking emotions and painting vivid images in the listener’s mind. The track’s melodic and memorable qualities are particularly impressive, and the absence of vocals allows the listener to focus solely on the music and the feelings it evokes.

From a commercial standpoint, “Another Story” has high potential in a niche market. The track has a unique and recognizable sound that sets it apart from other deep house tracks, making it ideal for listeners who are looking for something different. While it may not appeal to a mainstream audience, it has the potential to be successful in a niche market and to attract a dedicated fan base.

Monomotion & Piers – Another Story

The Lions Ground Entertainment Group highly recommends giving “Another Story” a listen. The track is a prime example of Piers’ talent as a producer, and we believe that he has a lot of potential in the music industry. We particularly appreciate the track’s ability to tell a story through its instrumental arrangement and its catchy and melodic qualities that are sure to stay with the listener long after the track ends.

Visit Apple Music to download “Another Story” and follow Piers on Instagram for his musical journey. We encourage you to support Piers and his work, as he continues to create unique and innovative tracks that are sure to make a lasting impression on the music industry.

Overall, we are impressed with the quality of “Another Story” and look forward to hearing more from Piers in the future. His talent and creativity are evident in this track, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

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