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Detroit’s Rising Star: Nate Setto Drops a New Banger ‘Cognac’!

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Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Detroit, Nate Setto has been carving a niche for himself in the Pop/R&B genre. A Michigan native, Setto began his musical journey at the tender age of seven, showcasing a passion and talent that has since captivated a global audience. Nate Setto’s new song “Cognac” showcases his growing skill as an artist, mixing Rock, Dance, and R&B in a way that’s both unified and exciting. This song, the main one from his album “Hero,” shows his ability to try out different types of music.

The story behind Setto’s rise is as compelling as his music. Facing the tough choice between a traditional career path and his musical aspirations, he chose to follow his heart. This bold decision was initially shrouded in secrecy, as he had to fabricate a student schedule to pursue studio time. His dedication paid off, and upon revealing his true passion to his parents, he was met with unexpected support. This pivotal moment in Setto’s life highlights not only his commitment to his craft but also the universal struggle of artists to balance personal dreams with familial expectations.

“Cognac” is more than just a song; it’s a reflection of Setto’s journey and his desire to offer a respite to those grappling with life’s stresses. His intent to create music that allows listeners to let go and enjoy the moment is palpable in this track. His influences, drawn from notable artists like Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, and Usher, are intricately woven into his music, yet his unique voice and style remain distinctly his own.

The music video for “Cognac,” produced by The Dor Brothers, adds another layer to the song’s appeal, showcasing their expertise in AI animations. This modern approach to music video production aligns well with Setto’s forward-thinking style and adds a visually captivating element to his already engaging music.

Setto’s story is one of perseverance, talent, and the transformative power of music. With a growing fan base and a clear vision for his future, he stands as a shining example of what can be achieved with dedication and a willingness to dream big​​​​​​. Download Cognac on iTunes and follow Nate Setto on Facebook.

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