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CTT Beats & RubyGold Set 2024 R&B Trend

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CTT Beats & RubyGold release ‘Loving on Me‘ on Valentine’s Day, blending R&B with Afro Pop, setting a new trend for 2024.

Mark Insley or also known as CTT Beats, a producer collective with roots in South Africa and the UK, and vocalist RubyGold, known for her influential tracks in the house music scene, have collaboratively released “Loving on Me.” This track, launched on Valentine’s Day 2024, marks a significant entry into the new year’s R&B and Afro Pop landscapes. “Loving on Me” not only exemplifies the blend of R&B with Afro Pop but also signifies a strategic move by both artists to set a new trend within the music industry for 2024.

The song’s release was carefully timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day, aiming to capture the “sexy energy” associated with the holiday, as stated by CTT Beats. This choice reflects a thoughtful approach to leveraging thematic elements to enhance the song’s appeal and marketability. The collaboration between CTT Beats and RubyGold brings together diverse musical backgrounds, promising a fusion of genres that maintains a fresh and innovative sound.

RubyGold’s transition into R&B is highlighted as a significant shift from her known territory of house music, indicating a versatile and adaptive musical talent. CTT Beats expressed enthusiasm for this collaboration, emphasizing the song’s catchy lyrics and vibrant energy, which they believe will resonate well with listeners and curators alike.

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The music video for “Loving on Me” features RubyGold in three distinct settings, each designed to complement the song’s lyrical depth and musical vibrancy. This visual component plays a crucial role in the song’s promotional strategy, aiming to capture the audience’s attention and provide a deeper connection to the song’s themes.

Heathcliff, a curator from The Lions Ground Entertainment Group, praised the song for its “catchy melody” and “high-quality production,” underscoring the track’s potential for success within the R&B genre. His feedback highlights the emotional impact and technical excellence of “Loving on Me,” aligning with the artists’ goals for widespread recognition and playlist inclusion.

CTT Beats and RubyGold anticipate future collaborations following the success of “Loving on Me” in 2024. Their blend of R&B and Afro Pop resonates with audiences, with more singles and projects planned ahead.

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