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All Day: Polun’s New Single Merges Classical and Hip-Hop

Toronto’s own Polun 寶麟, a virtuoso pianist turned cutting-edge producer, has just dropped his latest single “All Day,” marking a new chapter in his genre-defying career. With the released date set on November 10, 2023, this track weaves together the artist’s classical roots with his love for dynamic hip-hop rhythms, creating a pop sensation that’s both fresh and familiar.

Polun, known to the music industry as Terence “TEE” Lam, has already left his mark on the charts, co-writing Billboard Hot 100 hits like Alessia Cara’s “Here” and Drake’s “Too Good.” His ability to slide effortlessly across musical styles has earned him credits with K-pop icons and top-tier electronic producers alike. Fresh off the success of his debut EP “Trillium,” polun’s “All Day” is a testament to his evolving artistry and his knack for crafting tracks that resonate on a global scale.

Listeners from Toronto to Sydney are tuning in, with his Spotify numbers painting a picture of a rapidly growing fanbase eager for his innovative soundscapes. As “All Day” sets the stage for what’s next, fans old and new can join the journey by following polun on social media and pre-saving his music at https://ffm.to/biba.BPR. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of the movement defining the future of pop music.

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