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Bastion Rose Drops Fresh Rock Hit ‘Fever’

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Rock songs gain a fresh hit with Bastion Rose’s ‘Fever,’ released on February 23, 2024, under the ‘Fade To Blue’ EP, produced by David Bottrill.

Bastion Rose, a rock band emerging from Bloomington, Indiana, has captured the attention of the music world with their latest single, “Fever,” from their debut EP “Fade To Blue.” This track, along with the EP, was brought to life through the collaboration with three-time Grammy award-winning producer David Bottrill, known for his work with industry giants. The EP was mastered by the acclaimed engineer Maor Appelbaum, adding a layer of sonic excellence to the band’s ambitious project.

Lead singer Austin Frink’s battle with thyroid cancer deepens the band’s music, infusing it with a narrative of resilience and determination that connects with fans. “Fever” shines for its catchy tunes and strong guitar riffs, showcasing a tale of triumph.

Heathcliff, a curator from The Lions Ground Entertainment Group, praised the single for its impact and craftsmanship. After a thorough evaluation, Heathcliff remarked: “The track’s got a great driving drumbeat and a melody that sticks. Your storytelling is spot-on, and that clean production really lets each instrument shine.”

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The band’s trajectory has been marked by significant milestones, including their signing with Epictronic Records and the successful release of previous singles, “Coming For You” and “Halo Devil.” These tracks laid the groundwork for “Fever’s” warm reception, showcasing Bastion Rose’s ability to blend classic rock influences with a contemporary edge.

With 1,462 followers on Spotify and a monthly listener count of 3,872, Bastion Rose is building a dedicated fanbase. Their most popular YouTube video, the official lyric video for “Halo Devil,” further exemplifies the band’s growing popularity and the anticipation surrounding their releases.

“Fever,” along with the rest of the “Fade To Blue” EP, is available for streaming and download. Fans and new listeners alike are encouraged to explore the track through Apple Music.

Bastion Rose progresses in rock music with “Fever,” a symbol of their skill and resilience. Supported by Epictronic Records and guided by industry veterans David Bottrill and Maor Appelbaum, the band is set for success. Their story and music convey overcoming challenges, making “Fever” more than just a song but a significant milestone.

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