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Shubz’s ‘Pretend’ Hits 17K Spotify Streams

Canadian artist Shubz releases ‘Pretend,’ a pop single with a vibrant Miami-shot video, focusing on authentic bonds in life. Released on Jan 26, 2024, it quickly nears 7K Spotify streams.

Canadian artist Shubz’s latest single, “Pretend,” merges smooth melodies with confident lyrics, emphasizing the value of genuine connections amidst life’s distractions. Released on January 26, 2024, and accompanied by a music video shot in Miami, the song reflects on the importance of prioritizing meaningful relationships. Heathcliff, a curator from The Lions Ground Entertainment Group, praised the track for its engaging melody, expressive vocals, and high-quality production. Shubz shared, “Pretend is about reminding us of our true purpose, urging not to get overwhelmed by insignificant problems.

Shubz explained about Pretend: “I definitely stepped out of the box on this project as I tried to portray a different reality to listeners through the lyrics, the music video, and the vocal melodic changes throughout the record. I feel that due to the nature of our current world, we are forced to prioritize our careers and lifestyle over spending time with our loved ones and creating a lasting legacy. This project resonates with me on a personal level unlike any of the records I have previously released.

“Pretend” by Shubz demonstrates his musical growth and reflects a common desire for genuine connections in today’s digital age. The song’s lyrical depth, coupled with its compelling visual narrative set in Miami, enhances its appeal, making it relatable to a wide audience. The track’s production, helmed by Baby Got Beat, balances between pop sensibilities and introspective songwriting, blending today’s vibe with a classic feel in the music. The song “Pretend” strikes a chord with audiences globally, showcasing Shubz’s influence in the music industry. Through its exploration of profound themes, it encourages listeners to look beneath the surface. This release signifies a notable advancement in Shubz’s career, demonstrating his growth as an artist and his knack for connecting with fans on a profound level.

Following the release of “Pretend,” Shubz has continued to engage with fans through social media, contributing to the song’s growing popularity. With nearly 17K Spotify streams, Shubz’s active presence on platforms has played a key role in promoting his music. The artist plans to maintain this momentum, sharing content daily and connecting with his audience. Download “Pretend” on iTunes.

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