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Skip Waiters’ “JAH LIGHTS” Shines Bright in the World of Conscious Rap

Toronto, CA – In a musical landscape where authenticity and storytelling are paramount, Skip Waiters emerges as a standout artist. His latest single, “JAH LIGHTS,” is released on September 15, 2023.

JAH LIGHTS isn’t just another track; it’s a powerful narrative that encapsulates the resilience of Skip Waiters’ mother, who faced numerous hardships while raising four children on her own. The song delves into her experiences, touching on trauma and challenging relationships, while also highlighting the strength and hope that carried her through it all. It’s a deeply personal and emotionally resonant piece that sets a new standard for conscious rap.

Produced by Skip Waiters himself, alongside the Grammy-Nominated Lord Quest, Davati, Kae Vox, and Chris Chand, “JAH LIGHTS” is a masterful composition. The impeccable mixing by Lord Quest and mastering by Gabe Galluci (known for his work with artists like Sean Mendes and Johnny Orland) ensure that the audio levels are perfectly balanced, allowing Skip Waiters’ warm and authentic vocals to shine.

This release is not just about the music; it’s a comprehensive package. Alongside the single, fans can enjoy an official visualizer featuring old clips of Skip Waiters as a child, providing a personal touch to the narrative. The artist has also allocated a $500 digital marketing budget for promotions across platforms like Meta and TikTok, ensuring that “JAH LIGHTS” reaches a wide audience. Additionally, the single is set to premiere on Sirius XM: Mixtape North & Flow 98.7 radio stations, further solidifying Skip Waiters’ presence in the music industry.

With 1,273 followers and over 19,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Skip Waiters’ music is not only reaching his home city of Toronto but also in Montreal, Calgary, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. The widespread appeal of his music is a testament to his talent and the relatability of his storytelling.

“JAH LIGHTS” is available for streaming and download on various platforms, including Apple Music. Follow Skip Waiters on Social Media and be sure to download “JAH LIGHTS” to experience the profound storytelling and captivating sound for yourself.

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