NEF delivering soulful vocals on 'Slippin' (Club Version) by Popkanon & Smirou

Slippin’ (Club Version) Ignites Dance Floors with NEF’s Soulful Vocals

In a striking move that's set to resonate across dance floors worldwide, the collaborative genius of French-Norwegian producer Stephan Smirou and the Norwegian trio Popkanon has given rise to a new club anthem. Released on October 26, 2023, “Slippin' (Club Version)” features the soul-stirring vocals of American singer NEF, known for her powerful and emotive voice that's quickly carving her niche in the , , and Soul genres. This latest track, a melodic remake of an R&B original, promises a blend of vibrant electronic styles, delivering a catchy, high-energy beat that's both playful and irresistible.

Princess Nefertari “Nef” Alexander, hailing from the musical hotbed of Chicago, brings a depth of soul to the track that's undeniably captivating. Her collaborations with artists like New York rapper Baby Sham and BLK LBL have showcased her versatility, but it's her recent solo projects that have truly set the stage for this latest venture with Popkanon. The synergy between NEF's vocal prowess and Popkanon's songwriting finesse is palpable, creating a sound that's both fresh and familiar.

Stephan Smirou, the maestro behind the mixing desk, has a history of eclectic and innovative productions. His recent album ‘Oslo-Paris' was a testament to his ability to fuse Scandinavian tones with French melodic cinematic vibes. With “Slippin' (Club Version),” he elevates the original's tempo by a significant 50 bpm, infusing new life into the vocals and crafting a track that stands on its own as a club-ready hit.

Popkanon, comprising three childhood friends who reconnected during the lockdown, have always dreamed of making music that moves people. With “Slippin' (Club Version),” they've done just that. Their collaboration with Stephan Smirou and NEF is a testament to their dedication and passion for music that transcends borders and genres.

As the song begins to make its rounds, gaining traction on playlists and radio stations alike, listeners are encouraged to experience the full force of this slamming club version for themselves. For those eager to keep up with the latest from these artists and to support their journey, follow NEF on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, and connect with Stephan Smirou on Facebook, SoundCloud, Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube. Don't miss out on the chance to add this banging track to your collection by visiting the Apple Music link to download and groove to the rhythm of “Slippin' (Club Version).”

Featured image © Nefertari / Facebook