Two singers, St. Humain and SOIN

St. Humain and SOIN Collaborate on Bittersweet Ballad “Dial Tones”

St. Humain's latest release “Dial Tones (feat. SOIN)” is a bittersweet ballad that explores themes of regret, longing, and the inability to let go of a lost love.

The song features a duet between St. Humain and SOIN, and is the first collaboration between the two artists. The melodic lead is carried by the piano, and the song is very minimalistic, containing only the two vocalists and the piano.

According to St. Humain, he was instantly captivated by SOIN's voice after hearing her music through a mutual producer. He initiated a collaboration, which led to the creation of “Dial Tones.”

Dial Tones' Lyrics

The song is about the singer's regret and longing for a lost love. The lyrics describe how ten years have passed, but the singer still thinks about the person in “blue,” possibly referring to sadness or loneliness.

The singer wishes they could apologize for past mistakes and remembers a specific night when the person's heart was breaking. The lyrics also touch on the singer's feelings of loneliness and isolation despite having friends around them. They call the person's phone out of habit, but the connection has been lost, and all they hear are dial tones.

The Korean lyrics towards the end seem to express a similar sentiment of feeling a connection to the lost love through memories and stargazing.

Artist Share His Experience Collaborating on ‘Dial Tones'

The overall mood and vibe of the track is pure and mellow, with the vocals of St. Humain and SOIN blending together beautifully. The song is very minimalistic, with a melodic lead by the piano. The bittersweet ballad is the first duet between St. Humain and SOIN, and will come with its own merch.

St. Humain told : “I was instantly captivated by SOIN's voice after hearing her music through a mutual producer, I initiated to meet & collaborate.”

Heathcliff, who curated ‘Dial Tones', told St. Humain: “The song structure is well-balanced, and the production quality is impressive. Overall, I believe that this song has great commercial potential and deserves to be heard by a wider audience.”

St. Humain – Dial Tones (발신음) (feat. SOIN)

Take a listen to the beautiful ballet below and download a copy on iTunes.

St. Humain is a artist based in Singapore who has gained a following for his catchy, heartfelt tunes. SOIN is a Korean indie artist who has been praised for her distinctive vocals and emotive performances.

“Dial Tones (feat. SOIN)” is a beautifully crafted bittersweet ballad that showcases the talents of both St. Humain and SOIN. The song is suitable for all ages and has great commercial potential. Fans of St. Humain's previous work and those who appreciate emotive ballads are sure to be captivated by this latest release.

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