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Kinky and catchy: ThisMinority’s latest single is a must-listen

We were privileged to get an early listen of ThisMinority’s upcoming release, ‘What Is You Servin’, set to drop next week. Get ready to groove to this catchy and edgy song!

ThisMinority’s “What Is You Servin” is a groovy and edgy song that brings a great swing to the listener. The melody and music are catchy, with a simple but classy lyrical content that is well-matched by the musical style. The song’s commercial potential is high, making it a great choice for radio and streaming playlists.

The vocal performance is stylish and edgy, with a good sense of pitch and expressiveness that adds to the song’s overall vibe. The instrumental accompaniments are engaging and creative, adding depth and texture to the song, and making it perfect for nightlife.

The song structure is well-organized with contrasting sections that keep the listener engaged. The intro quickly sets the tone for the song, drawing the listener in and leading to the meat of the song that has a great taste of kinkiness.

ThisMinority – What Is You Servin (Preview)

Mark your calendars for April 12, 2023 and be the first to listen to ThisMinority’s ‘What Is You Servin’. Follow the talented artist on Instagram for more updates!

“What Is You Servin” is a solid musical offering that showcases ThisMinority’s talent for creating groovy and catchy music. The song’s strengths lie in its edgy and stylish vocal performance, engaging and creative instrumental accompaniments, and its overall commercial appeal. With a little polishing in terms of production quality, this song could be a real hit on the airwaves.

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