Tunzy’s latest hit “On My Mind” is the anthem for unrequited love

It's time to get lit with the latest drop from Tunzy. The rapper has just dropped a new joint called “On My Mind” and let me tell you, it's a real heartbreaker. 's smooth vocals and punchy raps reflect on a long-lost love that had his head spinning.

We here at are always on the lookout for fresh talent and Tunzy's latest single has got us hyped. This track is a banger from start to finish. The intro alone is a real attention grabber and when the beat drops, you're hooked. It's got a killer flow and the lyrics are packed with energy.

But it's not just the raps that make this joint a hit, the instrumental accompaniment is super varied. There's an incredible guitar tune in the background that adds a lot of flavor to an already great track. Tunzy's creativity is on full display here.

Tunzy – On My Mind

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When so many generic rap songs are being dropped every day, it's refreshing to discover an artist like Tunzy who brings something different to the table. “On My Mind” will get your head nodding and your feet moving. It's clear that Tunzy is a talented rapper with a lot of potential and we're excited to hear more from him in the future. So don't waste no time, go and download this banger now!