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Warren J. Gallimore Delivers Deep Melodic Sound With “I Just Wanna Tell You” House Remix

The Lions Ground Entertainment Group had the pleasure of listening to “I Just Wanna Tell You” House Remix by Warren J. Gallimore & Austin Leeds featuring Emarie.

The track starts with melodies that we describe as catchy, tuneful, and interesting. The deep melodic sound adds a layer of richness to the track, which makes it an enjoyable listen. The vocals in the track are expressive and delivered with emotion, which adds to the overall impact of the track. The lyrics are clever and minimalistic, making them easily memorable.

The instrumental accompaniments in the track are balanced and solid. The synth and string sections work well together to create a sense of space in the track, while the percussive elements provide a solid foundation for the other elements to shine.

The structure of the track is well thought out, containing contrasting sections, and the production quality is great. We can tell that Warren J. Gallimore is a talented and skillful artist with a good understanding of how to create a compelling house track. The commercial potential of the track is high, and we think it would be a great addition to any dance music playlist.

Warren J. Gallimore’s “I Just Wanna Tell You” House Remix is an enjoyable track with a catchy melody, expressive vocals, and clever lyrics. The production quality is excellent, and the track has high commercial potential.

Warren J. Gallimore & Austin Leeds – I Just Wanna Tell You… (House Remix) (feat. Emarie)

We invite you to listen to “I Just Wanna Tell You” House Remix by Warren J. Gallimore and experience the driving beat, catchy melody, and expressive vocals for yourself. Listen to the track below.

If you enjoy the track, we encourage you to download it and follow Warren J. Gallimore on Facebook to keep up with their latest releases.

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