Zofi Consta's 'Peligrosa' photoshoot

South Florida’s Zofi Consta Reveals Potent New Single “Peligrosa” Blending English and Spanish Lyrics

Independent singer-songwriter Zofi Consta, based in South Florida, is set to release her third single “Peligrosa” on September 29th. The song presents a unique fusion of R&B and Latin Pop, showcasing Zofi's bilingual prowess with lyrics in both English and Spanish. This release follows her prior single and carries a message of strength, advocating for respect and integrity in relationships.

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Independent singer-songwriter Zofi Consta is poised to captivate audiences once again with her upcoming single, “Peligrosa.” Scheduled for release on September 29th, the track brings together Zofi's signature blend of and , showcasing her bilingual talents as she seamlessly transitions between English and Spanish lyrics.

Zofi, known for her emotive vocals and empowering messages, discusses the motivation behind “Peligrosa”: “This song continues the narrative of strength and vitality that I've been building with my previous releases. It's about demanding the respect we deserve in relationships.”

Experimenting with both musical style and language, Zofi shares her excitement for the project: “It's my first venture into combining R&B and Latin Pop on a single track, and I'm thrilled to connect with listeners in both languages.”

Zofi's prior single, “Like Dat,” garnered attention for its impactful lyrics and engaging sound, making “Peligrosa” a highly anticipated follow-up.

As a champion of new music, invites fans and media outlets to explore her creation: “I trust you will enjoy the completed work enough to potentially share it on social media channels, feature it in online blogs, magazines, or playlists.”

The release of “Peligrosa” arrives at a time when Zofi's artistry is at its zenith. Her dedication to authenticity and meaningful expression shines through, marking her as a compelling voice in the modern music scene.

With the release date just around the corner, Zofi Consta's “Peligrosa” promises to be a compelling addition to her repertoire, uniting diverse musical influences and languages into a powerful narrative of empowerment.

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Stay tuned for the release of “Peligrosa” on September 29th, and join Zofi Consta on her journey of self-expression and musical innovation.