SHE'S THE MOON's You Say cover art

SHE’S THE MOON Elevates Bedroom Pop with New Release “You Say”

Emerging Copenhagen-based artist SHE'S THE MOON has released her latest track “You Say,” a blend of electro and that defines a new bedroom pop genre. Launched on October 12, 2023, the song is an exploration of emotional landscapes, offering an innovative mix of melodic tunes and heartfelt lyrics.

Drawing inspiration from acclaimed artists like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars, SHE'S THE MOON started her musical journey at a young age and has woven their influence into her distinct style. Her voice carries a unique blend of clarity and innocence, reminiscent of the first snowfall, pure, crisp, and welcoming. “You Say” incorporates appealing melodies and minimalistic instrumentals that serve as a backdrop for its poignant lyrics. The track provides contrasting musical sections, like a well-curated playlist, that engage the listener at every turn.

As for the artist's presence in the music scene, SHE'S THE MOON has been diligently working on her upcoming EP, set to release in the winter of 2024. According to Spotify statistics, she is quickly gaining traction with 280 monthly listeners, mainly concentrated in Denmark and its surrounding areas.

Don't miss the chance to be part of this exciting musical experience. For the latest info and all social media links visit her official website and download “You Say” today to discover a new realm of musical innovation.